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Should I only think of studying abroad during grade 11 (VG2)?

Of course not! If you are Norwegian, you can apply to receive an educational grant to study abroad, only during grade 11 (VG2), but why not consider graduating from a different high school or start your first university year abroad? Our partner schools offer different programs that will suit all your needs.

Can I study for a semester only or do I have to study abroad for a full year?

It depends on the school your choose. Some schools offer semester and full year programs, some offer full year programs only. We recommend to commit to a full year program to really immerse yourself and feel part of your new community. It is also important to check with your school to make sure that you can return mid year.

Is it difficult to get accepted?

What most schools are looking for is dedicated students that are motivated and ready to make a positive impact on its community. Some schools are more academic than others and might value a higher grade percentage, but the most important is for you to show that you have what it takes to succeed.

anything else i should know?


when should i start my application?

The sooner the better! Some schools have deadlines, some have rolling admissions, but the sooner you start your application, the more chance you have to get accepted. It will also give you more time to prepare for your school year abroad without having to stress.


what if i change my mind?

Most schools require a deposit (percentage varies) to secure your place and if you change your mind after that, you will lose your deposit.


Do I need visas and vaccinations?

Depending on where you travel and where you are from, you might need visas and vaccinations. Our organization is here to help and guide you with this process.


can i return home during vacation?

Yes you can! We don't recommend that you do, a year goes by very quickly, but you can always do so if you feel like it. You can also receive visits from your family. The schools on ships have fixed parent ports where families are allowed to visit and where you will have time off the ship.


Which language will I speak?

All our international boarding schools have English as there official language, therefore it is important that you can speak, read, and write in English. For students choosing Folkehøgskolene/Folk High Schools, the official language is Norwegian but teachers/students speak also English, and you will receive Norwegian lessons. Most schools also offer other language courses if you are interested.

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